DPBR Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects


DPBR is the right partner to find out a correct mix of opportunities in Pharma & Biotechnologies. A turnkey engineering with a specific target: accompanying industry in obtaining best performance at lower cost.

DPBR is a remarkable team of experts with different competences, that had the chance to work together in the field over the past decades. That’s why they decided to establish an effective and agile structure in Lugano, Switzerland: clear engagement towards customer, directors and key-managers fully dedicated, fast and efficient operational management of the whole project.

Pharmaceutical Filling and Packaging line

DPBR has key role in facilitating the planning of Pharma & Biopharma plants, with particular regard to the most disadvantaged or problematic areas, where logistic and management of the site construction can face many important obstacles.

Pharmaceutical wharehouse - quarantine sector

DPBR specialists can well identify the best and more appropriate suppliers of necessary process and laboratory equipment and instrumentation, plus other services providers. Negotiation and procurement contracts redaction are as well an important part of the expert’s skills panel. DPBR experience supports a pragmatic approach to each phase of the project, with a recognized ability to understand customer culture and marketing opportunities of the planned final products, for both local and international markets.

Our core competences include also industrial, construction and financial aspects.  We are a team of experts ready to dedicate energies, knowledge and experience to challenging worldwide Pharma and Biopharma Projects.

Process and Chemical Engineers for cGMP manufacturing equipment, as well as Pharmacists, Validation and Training Team; Quality Assurance and Risk Management Specialists will also follow your company all over the Project Life Cycle. Architects and Civil Engineers, Construction Companies aimed at the optimization and energy efficiency of the Site. Together with your experts we can develop the most appropriate solutions, as for your expectancies and the protection of the environment.

Pharmaceutical IV fluids turnkey projects

From conceptual design based on URS up to cGMP certification, we manage and execute the complete project process maintaining high and constant attention on cost optimization and execution time. Our financial experts will prepare a business plan and calculate the return of your investment together with your experts. As we are in charge of Project Direction, we will deliver clear and sustainable activities planning, easy to follow because each milestone is clearly defined.

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