Our skills are covering also industrial, construction and financial aspects as a conglomerate of experts ready to dedicate themselves to challenging worldwide projects.

We are your challenge

Created in 2011, DPBR SA is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the biopharma industry. We supply turn on key plants, lines and equipment, we operate everywhere in the world

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Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project
18 %
Pharmaceutical Technologies and Knowledge Transfer
29 %
Pharmaceutical Solutions and Detailed Design
65 %
Pharmaceutical Equipment - Suppliers Selection & Procurement
54 %
Pharmaceutical Revamping and Validation 
29 %
Pharmaceutical Project Management
79 %

Turnkey Mission

DPBR is commited to provide sustainable Turnkey Project for pharmaceutical applications including latest technology and Know-How, through constant update and interface with the WHO organization on a worldwide basis at sustainable conditions of price and quality.